About Us

The North London Morning Orchestra meet every Wednesday morning in Enfield between 10.00 and 12.00. Our repertoire ranges from classical overtures and symphonies to Palm Court, Opera, marches and contemporary medleys. 

We play approximately 8-10 pieces of music for a month, and then every month, switch to new pieces from our library of over 400 scores.

We are an amateur rehearsal orchestra and do not give concerts, but a minimum of Grade 5 standard is recommended. The orchestra includes all sections, with vacancies for strings, and some wind and brass (please contact us for details).​​

We have a tea break every week, and focus on creating a fun, friendly atmosphere, so come and join us for two free sessions!


First two sessions: free

Single session: £2.00

Annual membership: £60

Find Us:

We meet in the Scout Hut down the lane opposite the Jolly Farmers Pub at the bottom of Slades Hill.

Visit the Contact page for details.

Who's who in our orchestra?

Amanda Ladell


Farnoosh Behzad


Vivien Robbins


Roger Greenwood

Reserve Conductor

Liz Pallace

Treasurer & Librarian

Judy Hunt